Navigating grief in the landscape of COVID-19: Zoom support calls

Offering a virtual space to come together and talk about our missing people and navigating grief in the current circumstances.

We are, as I’m sure many of us are tired of hearing, living in very strange times. The implications of the global pandemic we are currently enduring are vast and uncertain, as are the implications for individual and collective grief and grieving.

For those already living alongside grief, the narratives and news around COVID-19 have the potential to bring hurt to the surface in an already challenging time, especially with almost no physical spaces to go to navigate this new chapter of grief. For those that are newly bereaved, navigating death and grief in a time without physical contact is going to be hugely challenging.

I have been reflecting on how I can help from home, without adding to the overwhelm so many of us are feeling. I have decided to open out an online space to talk together about grief and our missing people, hosted on Zoom. There will be two calls a week, lasting up to 40 minutes. The first will be held on Monday afternoons at 2pm and is open to all, the second will be held on a Wednesday at 8pm and is open to bereaved parents.

If you are very newly bereaved, which I’ll define as in the last six months, an individual 1-1 call may be more appropriate, which I will make available on a contact basis.

You can register for group and 1-1 calls here.

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